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Official Q&A: VGOC 2021-2022

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Usage Guidelines

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Q&A system. This system has been designed to provide an easy-to-use, integrated user experience for navigating game and rules questions. To ensure that the GDC is able to provide answers at the level of quality expected by our teams, we ask that you please review these suggestions prior to hitting "Submit".

Note 1: The Q&A system is for rules clarifications only.

Note 2: Only registered teams may ask questions in the Q&A system.

  • In order to ask a question, you must be logged under a RobotEvents account that is either an Event Partner, or a Primary, Secondary, or Financial Contact for a team that is registered in the current VGOC season.
  • If you wish to ask a question but are not one of these, check with your teacher or other team leader responsible for managing the team account. If you are a volunteer, such as a Head Referee, check with the Event Partner for the event at which you are volunteering.
  • If you are the Primary Contact and have any questions about this process, please contact
  1. Read and search the game documents before posting.

    • The Q&A is not a replacement for the official VGOC Game Documents. Many questions can be answered by pressing Ctrl+F and searching the game documents or searching the Knowledge Base at
  2. Read and search existing Q&As before posting.

    • It is possible that your question may have been asked (and answered) previously. Please search previous Q&A before submitting your question.
  3. Quote the applicable rule from the VEX GO Challenge Game Documents in your question.

    • Often, you'll find that by quoting the rule, you'll answer your own question.
  4. Make a separate post for each question.

    • If you have three questions on three separate topics, please, make three separate posts. This makes it easier to tag and search for specific topics. Of course, if you have multiple questions that are all highly related, then feel free to ask them all as part of one post.
  5. Use specific and appropriate question titles.

    • The more specific your question title, the easier it is for people who are searching to find relevant posts.
    • "Scored", "Mars", and "I have a question" are all very poor titles. "Is the pearl scored if the robot is touching it", "In Level 4, can 1 robot be used in different phases", and "Does the position of the rubber band affect the score" are all better titles.
  6. Questions will (mostly) be answered in the order they were received.

    • We know that your question is important to you, and you want the answer as soon as possible. Most questions submitted by Wednesday evening will be answered on or before Friday of the same week. Most questions that are submitted on Thursday or Friday will be answered on or before Friday of the following week.
    • However, some questions may take additional time to review internally, and responses may take longer during high-volume times of year. In order to ensure the consistent quality of all answers, there are no guarantees that questions will be answered before a given date. Therefore, if you need an answer before your competition, we would advise posting it 1-2 weeks in advance, not the night before, to ensure a higher likelihood of a response.
  7. This system is the only source for official rules clarifications.