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Official Q&A: VEXU 2022-2023: Spin Up

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Follow up to Q&A 1131


Almost 2 months ago Q&A 1131 was asked. The answer to that Q&A was the following:

Thank you for the detailed question and quoted references. This question requires additional consideration time in order to provide a thorough and accurate response, and will not be resolved in the June 28 Game Manual update. We will provide a second unscheduled Game Manual update to the VEX U Appendix, and update this response, once a clarification has been reached.

Since that answer was posted three game manual updates have been published, on June 28th, July 19th, and August 2nd. I understand that this particular question might need extra consideration, however the continued uncertainty that not answering the question for nearly two months causes for VEXU teams is significant. Does the GDC have an estimate for when Q&A 1131 will be answered?

Answered by committee

The questions posed by Q&A 1131 have been answered in the October 4, 2022 Game Manual Update, via updates to rules VUR9, VUR10, and VUR12.