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Follow up to Powering Commerical Pneumatics


Hello, upon reading the reply to this Q&A question the legality of powering non vex solenoids is ruled legal as long as they are meeting VUR10 and VUR12 however reading the wording and the answer

There are 2 ways that VUR10b can be interpreted. Either, it applies to “VEX (motors or solenoids)” or it applies to “ (VEX motors) or (solenoids)” The former interpretation would allow custom electronics to interface directly with non-vex solenoids. This would be useful, as most commercially available solenoids do not function of of the 5v provided by the V5 brain, and instead require 12v power which can be provided by custom electronics. If this is not legal, then it is not possible to use most commercial solenoids.

Is it still legal to power commercial solenoids using custom electronics?

Yes, this is legal, provided that no other rules are violated (i.e. all portions of VUR10 and VUR12).

The portion in question means that VUR10B only applies to vex solenoids and not commercially available solenoids as extra componentry to power the solenoid externally not from the brain.

b. Sensors and electronics CANNOT directly electrically interface with VEX motors or solenoids.

My questions are as follows:

1: Could we get a firm clarification on if VUR10B is refererring only to specifically vex solenoids or whether it is referring to solenoids in general as this is still ambiguous?

2: If solenoids in general are included in VUR10B does this mean the external electronics to allow to power solenoids at higher voltages than 5 volts are an exceptIon to VUR10B

3: Based on the interpretation of the previous Q&A and from Q1 would it then be legal to interface commercially available solenoids through a processor used for sensor processing rather than directly through the V5 brain as this is powering the solenoid?

4: Additionally would having a non-programmatic solenoid activation be allowed e.g a circuit powered through the press of a bumper or other sensor foregoing the processor entirely hardwiring the circuit independent of the V5 brain other than providing power to the solenoid (disabling the solenoid on power disable)

Answered by committee

Thank you for the detailed question and quoted references. Rules <VUR9>, <VUR10>, and <VUR12> were updated in version 2.1 of the Spin Up Game Manual to clarify these points.