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<VUR7> Interpretation - Radial bearings and toothed belts

5 months ago

We have 2 examples of <VUR7> "fastener" to confirm official interpretation.

a.) Radial bearing "fastening" a shaft to chassis. b.) Toothed belt "fastening" two pulleys together.

<VUR2> gives teams access to a limited range of radial bearings and toothed belts however these are more FRC sized than VEX U.

Answered by committee

VUR7 reads as follows:

<VUR7> Teams may use any commercially available fastener on their Robot. Examples of fasteners may include (but are not limited to) screws, nuts, washers, rivets, hinges, pins, rod ends, threaded rods, or hose clamps.

No, radial bearings and toothed belts are not considered fasteners. The only permissible bearings and belts are those made legal by VUR2, i.e. sold by VEX.