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Modifying V5 Smart Motor Cartridges


It was previously ruled during Tower Takeover that v5 motor cartridges could be used externally as hardware components. See for reference. Under <R23> modifications of non-electrical hardware componets is allowed. Therefore, when using a cartridge externally as hardware, would modification of the v5 motor cartridges be legal under <R23>? If so would the following scenarios be permitted:

A) Opening the cartridge and removing its internal gears and using them externally.

B) Drilling holes or slots in the cartridge to help mount it externally.

C) Fabricating custom gears out of legal material and replacing the gears within the cartridge with them.

Furthermore, It was recently ruled that vexU could replace the motor cap portion of the motor. see for reference However the stipulation was that “The primary motor case, internal components, etc are still considered ‘electronics’ under R23, and may not be modified.” Since the motor cartridge lies halfway between the motor cap and the internal side of the motor, is the cartridge considered an internal part of the motor or an external part like the cap?

Specifically, would the following situations be legal:

D) Removing the motor cartridge completely in addition to the cap so the smart motor may interface directly with a legally fabricated component. This was previously allowed for the internal gears of 393 motors. see for reference

E) If Situations A, B, and C are legal, insert a legally modified cartridge into a v5 smart motor.

Answered by Game Design Committee

These would all be legal, in VEX U only. These would not be legal in VRC.