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Introducing match loads, GRAY tiles <SG4>

Adam Timmer (Event Partner)
8 months ago

SG4 b. specifies match loads are required to be introduced onto GRAY foam tiles. The VRC Tower Takeover - Referee Training - Chapter 8: Cube Do’s & Don’ts, at 1:22, it gives the thumbs up and a green check for match loads being introduced on a BLUE tile ( ).

Are teams not allowed to introduce match loads onto red and blue foam field tiles? If they are restricted from those tiles, can you clarify that teams ARE allowed to introduce match loads onto their alliance's inner protected zone gray foam tile (providing the cubes satisfy SG4 and specifically aren't touching a barrier or goal zone)?

<SG4> Match Load entry. Drive Team Members may introduce Match Loads during the Driver Controlled Period by placing them gently onto a gray foam field tile such that they satisfy the following conditions: a. Contacting the field perimeter wall on the side that coincides with their Alliance’s Goal Zones and Alliance Station. b. Contacting the gray foam field tiles. c. Not contacting a Tower. d. Not contacting any Cubes besides another Match Load. e. Not contacting a Goal Zone or a Barrier. f. Not contacting a Robot.

Answered by Game Design Committee

Well.... good catch. Thank you for noticing this and bringing it to our attention!

Please see rule G22, which was primarily written to account for the unfortunate realization that we on the GDC are only human and mistakes sometimes happen:

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