Official Q&A: VEXU 2019-2020: Tower Takeover Usage Guidelines

(VEXU) Can two robots start on opposite sides of the field in a skills match?

2 months ago

<RSC1a> says:

Robots may start on either side of the field, as long as they fulfill the constraints set forth in <SG1> and <G7> for the chosen Alliance’s side.

Appendix E says:

VEX U Teams are permitted to use both Robots in their Robot Skills Challenge Matches, per <VUG1>, <VUG6>, and <VUR1>.

Given the above rules, is it allowed for the two robots used in a VEXU skills run to start the match on different sides of the field?

If yes, must the drive team members associated with a particular robot be on the same side of the field as that robot? For example, would it be OK for a VEXU team to compete in a skills match with the following combination of robot starting locations and drive team locations:

  • One robot starting on each side of the field
  • Four drive team members in the red alliance station
  • Two drive team members in the blue alliance station