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Clarification of Alliance Station in Skills Challenge

8 months ago

According to RSC1, robots may start on either side of the field as long as the robot meets the criteria for Starting Position. <RSC1> In Robot Skills Matches, all Goal Zones and Alliance Towers considered to be the same color for the purposes of any Alliance-specific rules or definitions. a. Robots may start on either side of the field, as long as they fulfill the constraints set forth in <SG1> and <G7> for the chosen Alliance’s side. However there is no mention about which side the drive team must stand. In the past, if the robot starts on the red side, the drive team stands on the red side and vice versa for blue. Could you please clarify if the drive team must stand in the alliance station that matches the side the robot starts or if the drive team can start on the opposite side from where the robot starts if they so choose. In other words, robot placed on red side but drivers stand in Blue Alliance Station. Thank you.

Answered by Game Design Committee

Drive Team Members may utilize either Alliance Station during a Robot Skills Match, regardless of which side their Robot starts on.