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Skills scoring question

9 months ago

In Skills, will points be counted if cubes are placed in both red and blue scoring zones? And may cubes be placed in both red and blue alliance towers? Or does a single color have to be picked in Skills?

Thank you!

Answered by Game Design Committee

Please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines, specifically point 1, "Read and search the manual before posting." We believe your your question is answered by the Robot Skills Challenge Appendix.

< RSC1 > In Robot Skills Matches, all Goal Zones and Alliance Towers considered to be the same color for the purposes of any Alliance-specific rules or definitions.

a. Robots may start on either side of the field, as long as they fulfill the constraints set forth in <SG1> and <G7> for the chosen Alliance’s side.

b. Robots may Score Cubes in any color of Goal Zone for points.

c. Robots may utilize either Alliance Tower for Placing Cubes.

d. Rule <SG3> does not apply.

< RSC2 > In Robot Skills Matches, all Cubes are considered to be the same color. Placing a Cube in a Tower affects the point value of all Cubes, not just Cubes of that physical color.

If this does not answer your question, please feel free to rephrase and re-submit.