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Clarification regarding "Stacked" status of cubes

11 months ago

The "Stacked Cube" definition (under "Scored"), and associated Figure 13: img

The text of the definition suggests that the top (orange) cube in the figure should not be considered "Stacked", because it is touching the top surface of a cube (purple) which is not scored (because it is in contact with a robot, as indicated in the figure caption). However, this contradicts the figure, which shows this cube as "Scored" (requiring it to be either "Stacked" or a "Base Cube"). We would assume that the figure has an error in this case; is that correct?

Answered by Game Design Committee

We sincerely apologize for this extremely delayed response. However, we do not believe there is a discrepancy in this image/description; the top orange Cube has a red "X" over it, denoting that it is not Scored.