Official Q&A: VEXU 2019-2020: Tower Takeover Usage Guidelines

<RSC3> clarification for VEX U teams

7 months ago

In the VEX U appendix it states: All rules apply from VRC Appendix B – Robot Skills Challenge, with no modifications. VEX U Teams are permitted to use both Robots in their Robot Skills Challenge Matches, per <VUG1>, <VUG6>, and <VUR1>.

In the robot skills appendix: <RSC3> Prior to the start of each Robot Skills Matches, the Robot must use its one (1) Cube available as a Preload, per <SG1>. The other three (3) Preloads, and the two purple Match Loads, are not used in a Driving Skills Matches.

Since both robots are used in skills challenge for VEX U teams, does this imply that the interpretation should be that for VEX U teams, each robot must use its 1 cube as perload, the other **2 **preloads are not used in robot skills matches?

Ps. I think there is a typo at the end. I believe it should be robot skills matches as opposed to driving skills matches as it applies to both driver and programming skills.

Thanks in advance!