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Having your alliance partner load your Match loads.

Jacob Drennen

Hi i am asking for clarification on weather or not a team can have their alliance partner load their bots match loads. Example: team 100A only has one member so they ask their alliance partner 200B to place the match loads on their robot. is this legal. in a previous Q&A someone asked is 100A could have a student 100B help them load triballs even if they aren't alliance partners so I was curious if this was to meet the same ruling.

Does this break G4 as the robot must match the skill level of the team and if the team doesn't have a match loader they can't match load?

here is the link to the specific Q&A I referenced<G4>

Answered by committee

As described in rule <SG6> a Drive Team Member may introduce a Match Load Triball by placing it gently onto a Match Load Zone or:

  1. By placing the Match Load gently onto a Robot from the Drive Team Member’s Alliance

This 2nd option specifically allows any member of either Drive Team on an Alliance to place Match Loads on either Robot in that Alliance.