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Official Q&A: VRC 2022-2023: Spin Up

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<SG8> Interference during autonomous


<SG8> <G17>

<SG8> a. <G17> does not apply to this rule, unless egregiously exploited for strategic gain. It is expected that Discs which are launched as part of normal Autonomous gameplay will contact foam tiles on the opponent’s side of the field, and this is not a Violation. However, holding a Disc over the Autonomous Line to manipulate an opponent’s Roller would still be considered a Violation.

<G17> Use Discs to play the game. Discs may not be used to accomplish actions that would be otherwise illegal if they were attempted by Robot mechanisms (e.g., interfering with an opponent’s Autonomous routine per <SG8>).

a. Would red robot launching discs(as in the robot shoots it out of flywheel for example instead of knocking a stack over) onto blue's travel path, or predicted travel path, for strategic gain, whether using discs that started on the auton line, or discs that started as preload, be a violation of G17?

b. Would red robot outtaking discs onto/over the auton line, in an attempt to interfere with blue's autonomous/ cause blue into SG7 violation, be considered a violation of SG8?

In other words, would launching discs over the autonomous line other than the purpose of trying to score into the high goal be considered "egregiously exploiting for strategic gain"?

Answered by committee

The Head Referee must decide whether any Disc launched across the Autonomous Line during the Autonomous Period is part of normal gameplay or a strategic attempt to interfere with the opponent's autonomous routine. If the Head Referee determines that the action was egregious and strategic as described in rule <SG8a>, the Team should receive a Major Violation and Disqualification. Their opponent should be awarded the Autonomous Bonus.