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Metal Spacers


<R11> point C states that robots may use "Any commercially available nut, washer, standoff, and / or non-threaded spacer up to 2.5" (63.5mm) long which fits these screws."

<G3> notes that "if there is no rule prohibiting an action, it is generally legal."

Our question is the following: Are spacers that are made of metal that fit VEX-legal screws and are up to 2.5" long a legal vex component? If not, why? If so, can they be modified under <R22>? If metal spacers are not modifiable, why?

Thanks for your time answering this question.

Answered by committee

As you quoted in your question, rule <R11> permits any commercially-available non-threaded spacer up to 2.5" long that fits the screws in the VEX V5 product line.

Rule <R22> specifies that most modifications to non-electrical components are legal, and goes on to provide some allowed and disallowed examples.

Provided no other rules are violated, the part you describe may be allowed by rule <R11>, and can be bent or cut as allowed by rule <R22>. The final determination of whether any part is legal will be made by inspectors and/or Head Referees at an event. You should also keep the red box from rule <R11> in mind: "If a key component of a Robot’s design relies upon convincing an inspector that a specialized component is “technically a screw,” it is probably outside of the spirit and intent of this rule."