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Robot out of size due to contact with opposing robot

Michael Murphy (Event Partner)

If, during a match, your robot is forced out of size because another robot tangles with your robot, for instance pulling a wire out which was previously secured. Does this count as pre-endgame expansion?

Answered by committee

We cannot provide a blanket answer that would encompass all possible hypothetical robot interactions, and a Head Referee's ruling would be made based on the larger context of any interaction. That said, we can provide the following general guidance for referees.

While rule <G14> states that you can't force an opponent into a penalty, clause B of rule <G12> specifies that some incidental Entanglement and damage may occur as part of normal gameplay without Violation. Finally, clause C of rule <R4> puts some responsibility on Teams to ensure that their Robot does not pose an unnecessary risk of Entanglement with other Robots.

In your scenario, the Head Referee would have to determine whether the Entanglement and resulting damage was intentional, accidental, or a side effect of a poor decision made during Robot design and construction. If it was deemed to be intentional Entanglement as prohibited by rule <G12>, the early expansion probably wouldn't result in an <SG4> violation. If it was deemed to be an accident or caused by a poor design decision, the expanded Robot would probably receive a Minor or Major Violation of <SG4> for the early expansion.