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SG7 during autonomous

Barry Atwell (Event Partner)

During autonomous, a robot collects discs to the point that it has more than 4 discs and shoots the discs to the high goal and scores at least one of them. As a result, the alliance has 2 rollers and 2 or more discs in the high goal.

  1. Does the alliance get the win point? Does it matter if they the other alliance partner also scored 2 or more discs in the high goal?
  2. Do they win autonomous? Does it matter if they would have won autonomous without the SG7 violation?
  3. Under what circumstances would the offending team be disqualified? If the alliance wins by a wide margin, does that mean there is no DQ?

I think I know the answer but I recently saw one or more of these last night called a way I think may be wrong. Since it does not seem super clear, I thought the question should be asked before I host a tournament next week. I also know I may be wrong in how it should be called.

Answered by committee
  1. Yes. As described in Q&A 1142, the AWP is unrelated to rule <G11>, including violations.
  2. If the Discs scored during the Autonomous Period while in violation of rule <SG7> affect the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus as described in rule <G11>, the Autonomous Bonus should be automatically awarded to the opposing Alliance.
  3. If the Discs scored during the Autonomous Period while in violation of rule <SG7> were scored intentionally or prove to be Match Affecting (e.g., if the Team scores 1 Disc during auton while possessing extra Discs, and wins the Match by 5 or fewer points), they should receive a Major Violation of <SG7> and a Disqualification. If they lose the Match or the violation is not intentional or Match Affecting, it should generally be a Minor Violation unless it includes a G1/G2 violation or is a repeated violation of <SG7>.