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Latex Tubing as rope/string

Barry Atwell (Event Partner)


<R7> Certain non-VEX components are allowed. Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components: e. An unlimited amount of rope / string, with a thickness / diameter between 1/8” (3.175mm) and 1/4” (6.35mm).

For purposes of this rule, would latex tubing be considered rope/string? I recognize that even if it is not, 5' sections of it purchased from Vex would be legal to use for endgame but would longer sections of latex tubing with an outside diameter of 1/8 inch be legal to use under this rule?

Answered by committee

Clause E of <R7> states that Robots may include, "An unlimited amount of non-elastic rope / string, with a thickness / diameter between 1/8” (imperial standard) / 3mm (metric standard) and 1/4” (6.35mm). String must measure at least 1/8” / 3mm in diameter at its narrowest point while on the Robot under no load."

<R7e> does not permit the use of non-VEX latex tubing as rope or string.