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<G10> and the Vision Sensor


<G10> states: "During the Autonomous Period, Drive Team Members are not permitted to interact with the Robots in any way, directly or indirectly. This could include, but is not limited to: • Activating any controls on their V5 Controller(s) • Unplugging or otherwise manually interfering with the field connection in any way • Triggering sensors (including the Vision Sensor) in any way, even without touching them"

At our last competition during the autonomous period of a qualification match, someone on the drive team of the opposing alliance deliberately revealed a red shirt which triggered our vision sensor and caused our turret to aim at them and shoot them with a disc.

I have talked to some other people about this problem, and they think that <G10> only applies to a Drive Team that interacts with/triggers the sensors of their own robot. To me, the fact that "Drive Team Members" and "Robots" are plural means that it doesn't matter who is interacting with what robot. Am I interpreting this rule correctly in that no Drive Team Member is allowed to trigger our vision sensor during the autonomous period, whether it's our own Drive Team or another Drive Team?

I hope I have explained this well. Thanks!

Answered by committee

As you quoted in your question, rule <G10> prohibits Drive Team Members from interacting with the Robots (emphasis added here), including triggering sensors. This rule refers to all Robots on the Field for a Match, regardless of their Team affiliation or Alliance.

Deliberately triggering a Vision Sensor during the Autonomous Period of a Match is a violation of rule <G10> and potentially <G11>. If the Head Referee determines that triggering the Vision Sensor affected the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus, the Autonomous Bonus should be awarded to their opponent as described in <G11>. If the Head Referee determines that the violation was Match Affecting, the Team should receive a Major Violation and a Disqualification for the Match.