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Can the Vision sensor be used to sense a disc on the loader in Programming Skills?

Nathan Smith (Event Partner)

Can the vision sensor be used to sense whether a disc has been placed on the loader in programming skills?

Rule G10 states that:

<G10> Autonomous means “no humans.” During the Autonomous Period, Drive Team Members are not permitted to interact with the Robots in any way, directly or indirectly. This could include, but is not limited to: Triggering sensors (including the Vision Sensor) in any way, even without touching them

And rule SG6a states:

Match Load Discs may only be introduced once the Driver Controlled Period has begun

But in the programming skills section, RSC2 Note allows the use of Match load discs during Programming, but also references SG6

Note: This rule applies to both Driving Skills Matches and Programming Skills Matches.

The Team may utilize fourteen (14) Match Load Discs, within the guidelines set forth by <SG6>.

My team would like to sense, during Programming Skills, when the disc has been placed on the loader to then run part of their program that does not violate any other match load/robot interaction as per SG6. Is placing a disc on the loader "triggering the sensor", or is this acceptable use of the sensor during play (just like using the sensor to "see" discs on the field)?

Answered by committee

As you quoted in your question, rule <G10> prohibits Drive Team Members from interacting with the Robots during an Autonomous Period, including triggering sensors.

Placing a Disc on the Match Loader to trigger a sensor on the Robot is a violation of <G10> and is not allowed.