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G12 Entanglement with Early Expansion

Tina Ngo (Event Partner)

Teams are responsible for the actions of their robot. If a team expanded early by accident, and the expansion gets stuck on another robot, is this intentional entanglement, thus resulting in major violation and disqualification or is this considered incidental entanglement, and part of normal gameplay. <G12> If the early expansion is in the way of and gets entangled within an opposing robot, is this intentional entanglement as robots because the player is responsible for the actions of their robots even if they are "removed from gameplay"

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. The 2nd Violation Note for rule <SG4> applies here, and is included for reference.

Even if an expansion was accidental, it can still be considered a Major Violation if the Head Referee judges that the expansion was intentional, strategic, and / or Match Affecting.

The Head Referee might determine that a particular early expansion and entanglement was intentional based on the circumstances of the Match, although not all early expansions should be considered intentional. As with most game rules, the Head Referee must consider the circumstances of the Violation when issuing a penalty.