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Is using a mix of different custom plastics types legal?


Are we allowed to use more than one type of custom plastic on a single robot as long as all parts meet the other criteria listed in R9 a-f?


In the past, I believe that different types of custom plastic were allowed on a single robot as long as all the size constraints were met. R9 looks to have been updated from the previous year’s R10 to clarify the nuances of cutting from different sheets, etc., but it also changed some important wording that could change the legality of using different plastic types. Specifically, the second sentence of R9 states that for custom pieces "it must be possible to have cut all of the plastic parts on the Robot from a single 12” x 24” sheet, up to 0.070” thick."

A strict interpretation of this would could indicate that different plastics types would be illegal because even if the parts met all the other requirements of R9, they could never have been cut from a single sheet. They would have to be cut from different sheets of different materials.

My instinct is that this was not the intended Interpretation, but I don’t really know. Could you please make a definitive statement on this issue?

Thank You.

Answered by committee

You are correct. The intent of the language in <R9> is to limit the amount of custom plastic on a robot (as described in <R9b>), not the combination of multiple types of plastic. Any or all plastics in <R9d> are legal for use on Spin Up Robots, in any combination, provided all other Robot rules are followed.