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<SG4> Early expansion and participation in endgame



This is a follow up to a question asked on 12 Oct regarding early expansion and <SG4> violation. The committee answered:

a Robot that is in violation of rule <SG4> in a head-to-head Match cannot participate in further gameplay and will not receive points for tiles Covered in the Endgame.

My question is regarding the phrase "further gameplay". Does this mean the team cannot engage in gameplay for the duration of the match, or just until the endgame portion begins? At our last couple of tournaments, referees have been interpreting this to mean that, once the endgame begins, teams in violation of <SG4> can start moving and scoring rollers and discs (although they get no credit for covered tiles). Is this correct?

Thank you!

Answered by committee

We believe that the final paragraph of the response to Q&A 1290, quoted below for convenience, answers your question. If you have further questions, please feel free to rephrase and resubmit.

Teams in Violation of rule <SG7> or <SG4> may be able to prevent an accidental or momentary Violation from becoming a Major Violation and Disqualification by immediately rectifying the situation and/or removing themselves from gameplay. Note that this removal from gameplay is not the same as a Disablement, and Teams are still responsible for the ongoing actions of their Robots .... Teams are not strictly required to actively move away from gameplay in these situations, but as described in these rules, if they fail to do so they will likely receive a Major Violation and Disqualification.