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Blackscreen caused by a Glitch on the Brain - Replay?



At a recent competition in the finals match, our Brain randomly turned off during the match, causing us to be Disabled for the rest of the match (since we couldn't turn the Brain back on after we had moved). Our battery was at four bars, and when we turned the Brain back on after the match had been scored, it turned on perfectly fine. This seemed to be a glitch, but the referees didn't replay the match, saying that since it wasn't a whitescreen, it didn't qualify for a replay. Would this qualify for a replay, since it isn't the Team or the Field Control's fault?

Thanks in advance!

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. The situation you've described does not meet the requirements of rule <T7b>, and would not warrant a replay.

The Event Log on the V5 Brain can be used to help troubleshoot an issue by checking the included diagnostics, as described in this VEX Library article. If you believe there is an issue with your Robot brain or another component, please contact VEX support. They would be happy to help you resolve that issue.