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SC3a - Definition of 'supported' by a Robot

Eric Schnurr (Event Partner)


SC3 a. states:

SC3 A Disc is considered Scored in the Low Goal for the Alliance corresponding to the color of the adjacent Barrier if it meets the following criteria: a. Not fully supported by a Robot of the same color Alliance as the Low Goal.

Figure 15 in the 2.2 game manual shows disc H being fully supported as an example.
Figure 15 in the 2.2 game manual shows disc I being scored while touching the grey tile, but leaning on a robot of the same color.

What about a disc that moves with a robot (IE mostly in an intake, or in the claw of the bot in the picture), but is touching the grey tile of the low goal? Previous seasons have had definitions of the term "supported" that meant moved with the robot, but could still be touching the tile. Can you please clarify this edge case in between H & I? Does supported mean not touching a tile at all? Or does it mean move with the robot but can be touching a tile?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! In most cases, a "fully supported" Disc as described by rule <SC3> will not be touching a Field Tile (e.g., Disc H in Figure 15 of the Game Manual) and will be easy to identify. However, there are ways that a Disc can be touching a Field Tile while still being supported entirely by the Robot—for example, a Disc that is solidly inside a Robot's intake while also being in contact with a Field Tile. If the Head Referee were to hypothetically move the Robot and the Disc were to move along with the Robot rather than falling to the Field Tile, the Disc should be considered fully supported by the Robot.

Note that the Head Referee should only move a Robot if it is absolutely necessary and only with extreme care to avoid affecting other Scored objects. In most cases, the Head Referee should be able to make this call without moving a Robot.