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Low Goal Barrier Trapping <G15>


Trapping - A Robot status. A Robot is Trapping if it has restricted an opposing Robot into a small, confined area of the field, approximately the size of one foam field tile or less, and has not provided an avenue for escape. Trapping can be direct (e.g., pinning an opponent to a field perimeter wall) or indirect (e.g., preventing a Robot from escaping from a corner of the field). See rule <G15>

Is there an avenue to escape over a low goal barrier?

Scenario 1

The definition of trapping states that a robot is trapped if they have not been provided an avenue to escape. Is robot A trapping robot B against the low goal barrier since there is a path to escape over the barrier (if robot B would have been designed in a way to do so)?


Scenario 2

If scenario 1 is considered trapping, is robot A trapping robot C against the low goal barrier since robot C is designed to easily escape over the low goal barrier?


Answered by committee

After reviewing match footage from multiple recent events, we have determined that our original response to this question shifted gameplay too far in the direction of defensive Robots. Effective immediately (Dec 13, 2022), holding an opponent against a Barrier such that they cannot escape will be considered Trapping as described in rule <G15>.