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Official Q&A: VRC 2022-2023: Spin Up

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<SG6b> and the Nature of Introducing Match Loads



Rule SG6 in the VEX Spin Up manual generally lays out the guidelines for introducing match loads. However, we have some questions about some edge-case scenarios in terms of introducing discs through the loader.

SG6b states:

Match Load Discs must be introduced by a Drive Team Member placing them gently onto a Loader.

  1. Because of the specific wording "onto a Loader", we assume that this would make it illegal to stack discs on top of each other as shown in this image, and then pass all of them through the loader simultaneously because only the bottom disc in the stack would be considered loaded "onto" the loader. Is this the correct assumption?
  2. The definition of a loader in the game manual is very broad. The manual defines the loader as a "metal ramp" that is used to introduce match loads. The loader design includes two flanges that act as guard rails for the disc, but it's not clear whether these flanges are included in the definition of a loader. If they were included as part of the loader, it would be possible to load discs by placing them on top of the guard rails as shown in this image. Is it legal to load discs on the guard rails of the loader, or are the guard rails not included in the definition of the loader, meaning that the discs must be passed specifically through the flat portion of the loader?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Answered by committee

Provided that no other portions of SG6 (or any other rules) are Violated, these would both be permissible.