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SG5d Vertical Expansion in Low Goal during End Game



While practicing one of our teams shot their end game mechanism in the low goal area. This led to looking at SG5.

<SG5> Vertical expansion is limited. Robots may expand vertically within the following conditions: a. The Robot must not be contacting the gray field tiles in either Low Goal. b. No part of the Robot may exceed an overall height of 24”. This height limit is a “virtual ceiling,” meaning that no part of any Robot may ever exceed 24” above the foam tiles, regardless of Robot orientation. c. Any extensions or combinations of extensions above 18” must fit within a vertical cylinder 2” in diameter. d. There are no vertical expansion limits during the Endgame.

Based on the rules stated in SG5d there are no vertical expansion limits during the end game. If a robot was to expand vertically in the low goal area, contacting the gray field tiles during the endgame, is this a violation of SG5a? Or is the wording of Vertical Expansion Limits only about vertical height? Basically, is SG5a considered a limit to expansion during end game?

Thank you for the clarification!

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