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SG8 when both alliances have violations

Eric Schnurr (Event Partner)

SG8 states:

<SG8> Don’t cross the Autonomous Line. During the Autonomous Period, Robots may not contact foam tiles, Discs, or Rollers which are on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Autonomous Line.

Violation Notes:

  • All Violations of this rule (Major or Minor) will result in the Autonomous Bonus being awarded to the opposing Alliance.
  • Intentional, strategic, or egregious Violations, such as intentional contact with an opposing Robot while completely across the Autonomous Line, will be considered Major Violations.

My Questions:

  1. If both alliances have a violation by crossing the autonomous line then what happens? Reading the violation notes literally would seem to imply that each alliance would receive the 10 pt Autonomous Bonus, but that doesn't seem like it fits the spirit of the rule.
  2. Would each alliance receive 5 points? IE split the 10 points like it was a tie?
  3. Or would neither alliance receive any points so it would be a 0-0 Autonomous Bonus?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Answered by committee

Please see rule G11, quoted below with a portion bolded for emphasis:

<G11> All rules still apply in the Autonomous Period. Teams are responsible for the actions of their Robots at all times, including during the Autonomous Period. Any Violations committed during the Autonomous Period that affect the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus - whether they are Match Affecting or not - will result in the Autonomous Bonus being automatically awarded to the opposing Alliance. If both Alliances commit Violations during the Autonomous Period that would have affected the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus, then no Autonomous Bonus will be awarded.