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SG5 and G17 Knocking Discs Out of Goal



“Vertical expansion is limited. Robots may expand vertically within the following conditions: a. The Robot must not be contacting the gray field tiles in either Low Goal. … e. Robots may not contact the High Goal, Discs which are Scored in the High Goal, or the horizontal supporting structures directly underneath the High Goal. This rule applies at all times, regardless of Alliance / High Goal color.”


“Use Discs to play the game. Discs may not be used to accomplish actions that would be otherwise illegal if they were attempted by Robot mechanism.”

Suppose that the red alliance fills their high goal with more than 20 discs, so that some of the discs are balanced precariously in the goal. Is it legal and in the spirit of SG5 and G17 for the blue alliance to shoot a disc at red’s high goal at a high velocity, with the intention of knocking multiple discs out of red’s high goal? This action would be similar to blue actually scoring for red, except for the disc velocity and blue’s intention.

Thank you in advance.

Answered by committee

No, this would not be legal, as it would be considered a Violation of G17 via SG5, as quoted.