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Official Q&A: VRC 2022-2023: Spin Up

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Be prepared for minor field variance?

James Jobe (Event Partner)

The spin up game manual is lacking the traditional "Gxx Be prepared for minor field variance" rule of past seasons. Other than the tolerances already listed in the definition of "Disc" and SG5, could the GDC clarify other field variances. Specifically:

  1. Placement of the discs
  2. the autonomous line
Answered by committee

This information can be found in rule T25, quoted here for reference:

<T25> Be prepared for minor field variance. Field Element tolerances may vary from nominal by ±1.0”, unless otherwise specified in this Game Manual, official Q&A, or Appendix. Disc weights may vary from nominal to ±7 grams. High Goal heights may vary from nominal to ±1.0” (25.4mm). Teams are encouraged to design their Robots accordingly. Please make sure to check Appendix A for more specific nominal dimensions and tolerances.

Disc placement at the beginning of Matches may vary from nominal to ±1” (25.4mm).