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Endgame Deploy Vertical Expansion


Relevant Rules:

<SG5> Vertical expansion is limited. Robots may expand vertically within the following conditions: c. Any extension or combinations of extensions above 18" must fit within a vertical cylinder 2" in diameter.

<G14>You can't force an opponent into a penalty. Intentional strategies that cause an opponent to break a rule are not permitted, and will not result in a Violation for the opposing Alliance

We have two questions regarding how SG5 and G14 will be interpreted:

  1. Checking for violations While testing our endgame mechanism, we realized that it is difficult to determine if a rope shooting at a high velocity across the field stays within the 18 inch height limit at all times. During our development, we use the sizing tool to test the limit; obviously, that is not possible during a match. How will referees of a match determine if an endgame extension stays within size vertically?

  2. Forced violations Consider the likely case that a team (Deployer) deploys multiple endgame ropes or other extensions, and one or more of those ropes or extensions collides with an opposing robot (Defender). If one or more of the extensions bounces (up) off another robot and becomes out of size, whose fault would this be (i.e. who, if anyone, receives the violation): the robot that deployed the rope/extension or the one that deflected it? Here is a video for reference:

Possible ruling: As G14 explains, a robot can not force another into a penalty. The Deployer's endgame mechanism's trajectory was changed by coming into contact with the Defender and thus the Defender is clearly the cause of violation. Therefore, in most cases, there is no penalty.

Another interpretation to consider: The state of violation is dependent on the robot that caused it. If the Deployer's alliance robot deflected the mechanism out of size, then all tile points that could have been earned by that respective mechanism (e.g. single rope) are nullified. However, if a Defender deflected the mechanism out of size, then all tile points that are currently earned by the Deployer for that mechanism (e.g. rope) remain earned. Whether the robot shoots out 5 ropes, scissor lifts, or anything else that works, each mechanism (e.g. rope) is considered individually and scored individually.

Would you please further clarify these rules and likely cases?

Thank you for your time.

Answered by committee

This question will be clarified in the June 28 Game Manual update. If it is still unclear after that release, please feel free to rephrase and re-submit at that time.