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<R6b> Flashlight and MC29


<R6b> states that

Electronics from the VEX Cortex control system are not permitted. This includes the VEXnet Joystick, VEXnet Partner Joystick, VEX ARM® Cortex-based Microcontroller, VEXnet Key 1.0 and 2.0, 2-Wire Motor 393, and any other electronic components which are not compatible with the VEX V5 system.

Q&A #823 from Tipping Point asserted

The VEX Flashlight is not compatible with the V5 Robot Brain. Therefore, it is prohibited.

This is objectively wrong. The VEX Flashlight is fully compatible with the 3-Wire ports on a V5 Robot Brain, either to receive constant power by being plugged directly into the power pins (as recommended by VEX on the Flashlight product page), or by being plugged into a Motor Controller 29, which is also fully compatible with the V5 system, as acknowledged by VEX in this Knowledge Base article.

  1. Is it legal to use the VEX flashlight on a VRC robot? If not, why not?

  2. Is it legal to use Motor Controller 29s on a VRC robot for a legal purpose such as powering decorative lights? If not, why not?

Thank you for your time.

Answered by committee

The June 28 Game Manual update will include revisions to R6 that should help to clarify this question. If it is still unclear after that release, please feel free to rephrase and re-submit at that time.