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SG3 - robot not attempting to balance


From SG3 red box notes:

• Contacting an opponent who is in the process of climbing the Platform during the last 30 seconds, such that it slows their progress (regardless of whether the Balance is then completed or not). ॰ Violation which does interfere with gameplay, per points “a” and “b

Thank you for game manual notes and clarifications on QA for SG3. As a referee, matches before and after version 2.2 game manual have been very different.

I need clarification on robot contact with each other, during last 30 seconds, in Alliance home zone. Based on the SG3 note quoted above, I have not called interference for all robot contact. Specific scenario:

During last 30 seconds, platform full of mobile goals, robots are not attempting to elevate themselves. Blue robot attempts to steal mobile goal from red alliance home zone. During maneuvers, Red and Blue robots make contact, fighting for control of neutral Mobile goal. Blue robot clearing impeding activity of Red robot Red robot is not attempting to balance at this point

Would this be a violation of SG3 based on Note quoted above?

Answered by committee

No, SG3 would not apply to the scenario as described. Rule SG3 only refers to situations where a Robot makes contact (or transitive contact) with an opponent's Platform. Robot-to-Robot contact in the Alliance Zone, without involving the Platform, is not a violation.

The quoted example is meant to imply that "an opponent who is in the process of climbing" is contacting their Platform while doing so.