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SG3 - rolling goals


<SG3> Platforms are “safe” during the endgame. During the last thirty (30) seconds, Robots may not contact the opposing Alliance’s Platform. The intent of this rule is to prohibit Robots from directly inhibiting their opponents’ ability to utilize the Platform at the end of a Match. Points “a”, “b”, and “c” apply to Robot actions during the last thirty (30) seconds of the Match:

a. For the purposes of this rule, contact is considered “transitive” .......

Would transitive apply to rolling mobile goals? Specifically, during last 30 seconds a robot in neutral zone, contacts a goal in a way the goal rolls briefly into contact with opponent platform

Answered by committee

"Contact" should be interpreted in the most literal sense of the term, i.e. one object physically contacting another.

If a Robot is contacting a Mobile Goal, and that Mobile Goal is contacting a Platform, then yes, that is considered transitive contact, regardless of whether the Mobile Goal is being held, rolling, sliding, etc.

If a Robot "launches" a Mobile Goal towards an opponent's Platform, such that they are no longer contacting the Mobile Goal when it contacts the Platform, then it would not be considered transitive contact. However, point "c" would apply instead, and this would still be considered a violation of SG3.

c. Per <SG10>, using a Scoring Object to contact the opposing Alliance’s Platform would be considered a violation of this rule.