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SG3 & Platform Leg

Eric Schnurr

Based on the v2.2 version of the rules, I've quoted the definition of "Platform", "Scoring Object" and SG3 below. Bolding added by myself to add emphasis. My question follows at the end.

Platform - The 53.0” x 20.1” (1,346.2mm x 511mm) hinged polycarbonate device and the attached red or blue PVC pipes (highlighted below in Figure 17), located in each Alliance Home Zone, that sits 9.5” (241.5mm) high off of the ground when Balanced. The Platform is attached to a double hinge that allows it to tip towards the field in either direction.

Scoring Object - A Ring or Mobile Goal.

SG3 Platforms are “safe” during the endgame. During the last thirty (30) seconds, Robots may not contact the opposing Alliance’s Platform. The intent of this rule is to prohibit Robots from directly inhibiting their opponents’ ability to utilize the Platform at the end of a Match. Points “a”, “b”, and “c” apply to Robot actions during the last thirty (30) seconds of the Match:

  • a. For the purposes of this rule, contact is considered “transitive” through other Robots and Scoring Objects.
  • b. For the purposes of this rule, <G13> supersedes rule <G14>. Any Robot which is contacting its own Platform, provided that no other rules are being violated, will automatically receive the “benefit of the doubt”. Therefore, any contact with this Robot will be considered a violation, regardless of intent.
  • c. Per <SG10>, using a Scoring Object to contact the opposing Alliance’s Platform would be considered a violation of this rule.

The Platform hinge and leg are not part of the platform (as part of the earlier rule changes), and are not scoring objects or robots which leads to the following question.

Question: If in the last 30 seconds of a match an opposing robot (red) touches the black plastic 'leg' or 'hinge' of the other teams platform (blue), is this a violation of SG3 a? IE does contacting a platform leg count as transitive contact with a platform?

I believe the intent of the rules is that this would be a violation, but based on the definitions in the rules currently this would not count.

Thank you in advance for your time and response.
Answered by committee

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