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Conflict Between G19 and Figure 20

James Jobe (Event Partner)

In the December 7th game manual update Version 2.2 G19 states "Mobile Goals should always be oriented such that the vision target found on the “point” of the heptagon Base, and the rotation of all outer “points”, resembles Figure 20."

In Figure 20 both alliance goals on the AWP lines are shown as "pointed up" from the audience perspective. However the red box states "The Alliance Mobile Goals that begin on the AWP Line are "pointing towards" the neutral zone. The orientation described in the red box is consistent with other images throughout the game manual and Appendix A. Which is the correct orientation?

Answered by committee

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This was an error in the initial upload of the v2.2 document that has since been rectified. Figure 20 is now consistent with G19 and the other images throughout the manual.