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SG3 Contradiction with Balanced Note 2

Jess Zarchi



Platforms are “safe” during the endgame. During the last thirty (30) seconds, Robots may not contact the opposing Alliance’s Platform.

. . .

Violations of this rule which do not interfere with gameplay, such as bumping into the Platform and then driving away, will result in the opposing Alliance receiving credit for one additional Elevated Robot at the end of the Match. (Alliances may still only receive points for a maximum of two Elevated Robots).

Violations of this rule which do interfere with gameplay, such as preventing a Platform from becoming Balanced, will result in a Disqualification, regardless of whether the interference was Match Affecting or not.

Balanced Note 2

. . .

As stated in rule <SG3>, a Platform which is being contacted by an opposing Alliance Robot at the end of a Match is automatically results in a Disqualification for the opposing Robot and / or Alliance, regardless of the above criteria.

Is Note 2 of Balanced updated for the most recent version of the manual?

Thank you for your time!

Answered by committee

Version 2.2 of the Game Manual included the following clarification to SG3, which brings it in line with the definition of Balanced:

Note 2: If points “a”, “b”, or “c” are being violated at the end of a Match (i.e. when the timer hits 0 and all Robots come to rest), then it will automatically be considered a violation which has interfered with gameplay, i.e. will result in a Disqualification.