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Official Q&A: VRC 2021-2022: Tipping Point

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Clarification on the Definition of Balanced


In version 2.1 of the Tipping Point game manual, the definition of a balanced platform states that robots and scoring objects on the platform are "transitive" through other objects. One example given is if a mobile goal is contacting the field perimeter while on the platform, the platform is no longer considered balanced because the goal is "transitive" through the perimeter. However, what would be the ruling if a branch of a mobile goal was sticking out of the field, but not directly touching the field perimeter while on the platform? Would the outside of the field have the same "transitive" property and the goal wouldn't count as balanced? Thank you

Answered by committee

The full definition of Balanced reads as follows, with the relevant portion bolded for emphasis:

Balanced - A Platform state. A Platform is considered Balanced if all of the following criteria are met at the end of a Match:

  1. The Platform is roughly parallel to the field.

  2. Both flat surfaces of the Platform hinges are contacting the Platform base, as shown in Figure 7.

  3. Robots and / or Scoring Objects contacting the Platform in their Alliance Home Zone are not also contacting any other Field Elements, such as foam field tiles or the field perimeter. a. For the purposes of this definition, contact is considered “transitive” through other Robots and Scoring Objects. For example, as shown in Figure 9, contact with a Mobile Goal that is resting on top of the field perimeter would not satisfy the definition of Balanced.

Part 3 of this definition specifically refers to "contact" in the most literal sense of the term, i.e. one object physically touching another. There are no implications that "sticking out of the field", which we interpret to mean "breaking an infinitely vertical plane above the physical Field Perimeter", would cause a Platform to not be considered Balanced.

Therefore, there is no transitive contact to be concerned about, because no "contact" is happening in the first place.

If you are instead referring to a Mobile Goal which has completely left the field, or is contacting something outside of the field, please see this related Q&A:

If this does not answer your question, please feel free to rephrase and re-submit.