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Mobile Goal Branches Becoming Removed from Mobile Goal Bases

Nathan Rossi (Event Partner)

Hello there!

This season, Mobile Goal Branch structures will occasionally become disconnected from a Mobile Goal Base as part of normal (video 1) match play (video 2). The questions below reference the following scoring criteria, rule, and definition.

Scoring Notes:

  1. Rings can be Scored in Mobile Goal Bases, or on Mobile Goal Branches. In order to be considered Scored in either position, a Ring must first meet the following prerequisite criteria:
  • Not contacting a Robot of the same color Alliance for which the Rings would receive points
  • Not contacting any Field Elements, such as gray foam field tiles, the Platform, or the field perimeter
  • Not contacting any Rings which are not considered Scored (i.e. Rings which are contacting a Robot or a Field Element)

2b. To be considered Scored on a Mobile Goal Branch, a Ring must:

  • Meet the prerequisite definition of Scored in Note 1
  • Also be “encircling” a Mobile Goal Branch
  • In this context, “encircling” means that any part of the Mobile Goal Branch is at least partially with within the volume defined by the outer edges of the Ring


Match replays, i.e. playing a Match over again from its start, are at the discretion of the Event Partner and Head Referee, and will only be issued in the most extreme circumstances. Some example situations that may warrant a Match replay are as follows: a. Match Affecting “field fault” issues. iii. Field Elements detaching or moving beyond normal tolerances (Not as a result of Robot Interactions.

Definition of Field Elements:

The foam field tiles, field perimeter, white tape, Platforms, and all supporting structures or accessories (such as driver station posts, field monitors, etc).

G20aiii mentions replays being allowed for Field Elements becoming outside of tolerance. However, the scope of Field Elements does not include a Mobile Goal or its respective Mobile Goal Branch(es) as they are categorized as Scoring Objects. Therefore, the separation of the Mobile Goal Branch(es) from a Mobile Goal Base as part of normal match play alone does not constitute a replay per G20aiii, even if match affecting, correct?

If a Mobile Goal Branch structure becomes separated from a Mobile Goal Base as part of normal match play, and one or more rings meet the scoring criteria for a ring on a branch (example video 2), any rings on Mobile Goal Branches would be considered scored as there is no requirement the Mobile Goal Branch still be attached to a Mobile Goal Base, correct?

Answered by committee

As quoted, G20 notes that the items listed are example situations only, not an all-inclusive list. A Mobile Goal becoming disassembled would be considered an extreme circumstance, and would likely be grounds for a Match replay at the discretion of the Head Referee and Event Partner. (provided, of course, that it was not the direct/intentional result of a Robot action, i.e. a violation of R4 or S1).

In most cases, a Branch being pulled out of a Mobile Goal Base occurs due to the collar underneath the Mobile Goal coming loose or being under-tightened during assembly. Event Partners are advised to check these collars periodically throughout an event to make sure that they have not worked themselves loose due to rough gameplay.