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Does using 393 motor controllers to control LED Strips violate rule R31c or R6b?

Steve Claassen (Event Partner)


Our team has wired up 5v LED strips to work with the vex v5 system. The LEDs are being run by the motor controllers for 393 motors, with LED cabling soldered to the output wires, and the neutral spliced into one of the 3 wire ends. Is this Legal? Would this be considered a violation of rule R13c, or R6b?


Here is R13c for reference: “VEX electronics may not be used as non-functional decorations”

And R6b: “Electronics from the VEX Cortex control system are not permitted. This includes the VEXnet Joystick, VEXnet Partner Joystick, VEX ARM® Cortex-based Microcontroller, VEXnet Key 1.0 and 2.0, 2-Wire Motor 393, and any other electronic components which are not compatible with the VEX V5 system”

Answered by committee

Thank you for quoting the relevant rules in your question. Per R13-c and R6-b, no, this would not be legal.