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Possession / Hoarding and sprit of robotic game


In an event, after qualification around, one alliance strategy was such: one robot possessed two mobile goals, the other robot possessed three mobile goals at the very beginning of game. (they both had fast auton). Then both robots sit still next to their platform for over one minute. Literally, they did not move, waiting for the clock to count down. Both robots clamped the mobile goals so tight that no interaction could be done by the opposite alliance to take them away. They were protected by pinning rule. When 30 second hit, they both put all the mobile goals to the platform. They were protected by the last 30 second platform rule. This happened for the entire elimination matches. That alliance used this strategy to guarantee that "Tournament Champion". Did they violate SG7, hoarding rule? If not, can some kind of rule be in place to avoid losing the spirit of robotics? Thank you.

Answered by committee

Edit 2021-12-07: The v2.2 Game Manual update included revisions to the definitions of Possession and Hoarding, as well as <SG7>, that we feel address this question more thoroughly than the original answer. We recommend reviewing the new definitions and rules, including the “red box” clarifications in <SG7>, for more information.

Notably, this meant separating “Hoarding” such that it is no longer defined as “a form of Possession”. It also removed the requirement for Hoarding to be in a corner of the field.

Therefore, for future events:

  • If the Robots in question were Possessing the Mobile Goals (i.e. carrying, holding, or controlling their movement), then no, this would not be considered a violation of <SG7>.

  • If the Robots in question were Hoarding them (i.e. actively blocking an opposing Robot’s access without directly Possessing it), then yes, this would likely be be considered a violation of <SG7>