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G19 Tall Neutral Mobile Goal Orientation


There have been multiple Q&As asking about the placement of the Tall Middle Neutral Mobile Goal and its orientation. The 2 Q&As (826 & 881) that have been answered have contradicting answers and I would like a definitive answer for this.

Answered by committee

The v2.2 Game Manual update included the following “red box” addition to rule <G19>. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and confusion caused by this inconsistency.

Prior to version 2.2 of the Game Manual (released December 2021), there have been conflicting interpretations of the correct Mobile Goal rotation in the official game documentation. The layout defined in Figure 20 above, and Appendix A, in version 2.2 (or later) of the Game Manual is the only correct variation. This layout takes precedent over any other variations found elsewhere, such as other figures, websites, videos, etc that were created prior to December 2021.

Here are some ways to visualize the correct orientation, using the V-shaped vision target as the “front” of the heptagon, and the rectangular vision target as the “back” of the heptagon:

• The Alliance Mobile Goals that rest on the Platforms are “pointing towards” their respective Platform

• The Alliance Mobile Goals that begin on the AWP Line are “pointing towards” the Neutral Zone

• The outer two Neutral Mobile Goals are ”pointing towards” the field perimeter walls

• The center Neutral Mobile Goal is “pointing up”, when viewed from the audience perspective, or “pointing left” when viewed from the red Alliance Station