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Hoarding while holding multiple mobile goals


When a robot is holding more than 1 goal on their robot is it considered hoarding when they go into any corner on their side? For example there are some robots that will lift and hold three mobile goals at once. Then they drive over to the platform and drive up while still holding all three mobile goals. When they drive into their home corner they are in possession of more than one goal so this is hoarding right?

Answered by committee

Edit 2021-12-07: The v2.2 Game Manual update included revisions to the definitions of Possession and Hoarding, as well as <SG7>, that we feel address this question more thoroughly than the original answer. We recommend reviewing the new definitions and rules, including the “red box” clarifications in <SG7>, for more information.

Notably, this meant separating “Hoarding” such that it is no longer defined as “a form of Possession”. It also included the following example clarification:

The intent of this rule is to prohibit one Alliance from actively stifling gameplay by “locking down” Mobile Goals against the field perimeter and / or underneath Platforms. The following examples are not considered violations of this rule:

• Possessing multiple Mobile Goals (i.e. carrying, holding, or controlling the movement of multiple Mobile Goals)