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Q&A 878 Follow Up - Rings Scored on Goal Above Branch


Hello, Thank you for answering my previous Q&A on this topic.

Unfortunately, upon further review of the rules I believe I made an error in saying that the rings stacked above the end of the branch were not scored.

Scoring Note 2a states:

2a. To be considered Scored in a Mobile Goal Base, a

Ring must:

• Meet the prerequisite definition of Scored in Note 1

• Be contacting either

॰ The colored portion of a Mobile Goal Base, or

Another Ring which is considered Scored in a Mobile Goal Base

Emphasis mine.

Scoring Note 2c states:

2c. Rings may only count for points once, i.e. in one Mobile Goal Base or on one Mobile Goal Branch.

• If a Ring meets the definitions of Scored for multiple point values on the same Mobile Goal, the highest point value should be used.

• Both of the blue Rings in the figure to the left would be considered Scored in the Mobile Goal Base

• Both of the green Rings in the figure to the left would be considered Scored on the Mobile Goal Branch

It is my understanding that if a ring meets the definition of scored for both a Mobile Goal Base and a Mobile Goal Branch, then it can be considered scored in both ways; however, as Note 2c states Only the points from being scored on a branch would count.

This would mean that in the situation presented in the image, the highlighted rings would all be considered to be scored both in the Mobile Goal Base and on the Mobile Goal Branch because the bottom-most ring is contacting the Mobile Goal Base (though for scoring purposes only points from being scored on a branch would be counted). This would mean that the rings which extend above the highlighted portion would also be considered scored in the Mobile Goal Base, through the above highlighted subpoint of Note 2a. Therefore, because all rings on the picture are actually scored (the bottom 9 counting for 27 points and the top 3 counting for 3 points), no rings would be descored under Scoring Note 1 Subpoint 3.

I have attached an annotated version of the figure presented in the manual to demonstrate what I mean.img

Would this interpretation be correct? I apologize for my possibly incorrect previous question, I should have reviewed the rules more carefully.

Thank you.

Answered by committee

Would this interpretation be correct?

No. The interpretation provided in the previous response should be used.

One of the reasons for Note 2c is to cover this specific scenario, i.e. how the bottom-most Ring on an Alliance Mobile Goal should be handled. Since "Scored on a Branch" is the higher point value option, the bottom-most Ring in the attached image should be considered "Scored on a Branch" for all subsequent definitions and interpretations.