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The Q&A is closed for the 2021-2022 season. Any rule changes or clarifications pertaining to the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship will be included in the April 5 Game Manual Update. Teams attending VEX Worlds who wish to pre-submit questions for the driver's meeting should have received a contact form via email; if not, please contact your REC Foundation Team Engagement Manager for more information.

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Rule Question - Tipping a Goal with Rings


Would it be considered legal to tip over a goal (like an enemy home goal) in order to dump out the rings?

The idea would be to tip it over (without obstructing other robots) dumping the rings out then putting the goal back sitting up. So it would only be tipped over for a moment.

Answered by committee

Please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting, specifically point 3, "Quote the applicable rule from the latest version of the manual in your question".

Rule SG6 reads as follows, with a portion bolded for emphasis:

<SG6> Rings on the Alliance Mobile Goal are “safe”. **Strategies intended to remove Rings which are Scored on or in an opposing Alliance Mobile Goal are prohibited. **Examples of “intentional strategies” could include, but are not limited to:

• Robot mechanisms or actions solely intended to “lift off” Rings from Mobile Goal Branches.

• Robot mechanisms or actions solely intended to “scoop out” Rings from Mobile Goal Bases.

• “Knocking over” or otherwise forcefully manipulating an Alliance Mobile Goal such that Rings become removed.

Minor violations of this rule that do not affect the Match will result in a warning. Match Affecting offenses will result in a Disqualification. Teams that receive multiple warnings may also receive a Disqualification at the Head Referee’s discretion.

This would be considered "knocking over" the Alliance Mobile Goal, as well as a strategy generally intended to remove Scored Rings. Therefore, this would not be legal.