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Rings scored in mobile goal base


A Ring is considered Scored in a Mobile Goal Base if it is not contacting a Robot and is at least partially within the 3-dimensional vertical projection formed by the “bowl” of the Mobile Goal Base.

Verticality is typically defined as a right angle from the horizon.

If a mobile goal is not sitting flat on the tiles (horizontally), are we to rule rings scored in the vertical projection of the bowl or just the projection of the bowl? Because the definition of the mobile goal branch is that it extends "vertically out of a Mobile Goal Base", I would assume the intent is that all rings are scored in the projection of the goal that is perpendicular to the mobile goal base. Is this correct?

A result if that interpretation is correct though is that teams could notice a mobile goal tipped over and place their match loads within that projection.

See pictures.

  • the first is stuck in the base of the neutral goal, but in the projection of the blue goal because it is tipped slightly being on the platform.
  • the second meets the definition of on a branch, but, for the sake of this question, assume that it is on the field tile within the tipped projection, but not on a branch. img img
Answered by committee

In version 2.1 of the Game Manual, the scenario in the first image was added to the Scoring section as Scoring Figure 1. The caption reads:

Both Rings would be considered Scored, as neither Ring is contacting a Robot, Field Element or Ring that is not considered Scored. Both are contacting the colored portion of a Mobile Goal Base, and only meet the definition of Scored for one Mobile Goal.

A scenario similar to the second image was added to the Scoring section as Scoring Figure 2. The relevant portion of the caption reads:

The highlighted Ring is contacting the floor, causing it to not be Scored.