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**Updated **SG(3) - further clarification of scoring objects blocking the platform

Doug Hepfer (Event Partner)

in an earlier Q&A, a question was asked but not answered by the game committee. The situation in question happens often and there are too many questions this year that have been answered leaving a decision to the 'head referee's discretion'. This is too vague, and has already created issues at an event.

Here's one question that needs to be answered -

If a ** blue** robot pushes a mobile goal under one end of the ** red** platform, but neither red robot makes any attempt to get on the red platform, is the mere presence of an object enough to warrant a violation of #SG(3) or must the red alliance make an attempt to get on the Platform?

Answered by committee

Edit 2021-12-07: The v2.2 Game Manual update included the following revision to rule <SG3>. We recommend reviewing the full text of <SG3>, including the “red box” clarifications, for more information.

Point “d” applies to Robot actions prior to the last thirty (30) seconds of the Match:

d. Placing a Scoring Object on or under the opposing Alliance’s Platform, at any point during the Match is considered a minor violation of this rule that, at a minimum, will result in a warning.

i. If the placement is accidental, and immediately rectified (i.e. the Scoring Object is immediately removed), then this violation will be considered a warning.

ii. If the placement is intentional and / or not immediately rectified, as judged by the Head Referee, then it will be considered a violation.

iii. Repeated, strategic, and / or egregious warnings may also escalate to a violation, at the Head Referee’s discretion.


Violations of this rule which do interfere with gameplay will result in a Disqualification, regardless of whether the interference was Match Affecting or not.

Note: If point “d” has escalated from a warning into a violation, then it will automatically be considered a violation which has interfered with gameplay, i.e. will result in a Disqualification.

Per this new verbiage, yes, mere presence of a Scoring Object is enough to warrant a violation, regardless of whether the opponent attempts to utilize the Platform or not.