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SG(3) - further clarification of scoring objects blocking the platform

Doug Hepfer (Event Partner)

in an earlier Q&A, a question was asked but not answered by the game committee. The situation in question happens often and there are too many questions this year that have been answered leaving a decision to the 'head referee's discretion'

Here's one question that needs to be answered -

If a red robot pushes a blue mobile goal under one end of the red platform, but neither red robot makes any attempt to get on the red platform, is the mere presence of an object enough to warrant a violation of SG3 or must the red alliance make an attempt to get on the Platform?

Answered by committee

Edit 2021-12-07: The v2.2 Game Manual update included the following revision to rule <SG3>. We recommend reviewing the full text of <SG3>, including the “red box” clarifications, for more information.

Point “d” applies to Robot actions prior to the last thirty (30) seconds of the Match:

d. Placing a Scoring Object on or under the opposing Alliance’s Platform, at any point during the Match is considered a minor violation of this rule that, at a minimum, will result in a warning.

This verbiage pertains only to placing Scoring Objects under opponent Platforms. Placing a Scoring Object on or under an Alliance's own Platform is not a violation.