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<SG3> section c clarification - use of game objects to prevent platform from becoming balanced.

Pascal Chesnais (Event Partner)

There is a debate on vexforum as to whether or not placing a game object prior to the last 30 seconds would constitute an infraction of SG3. For example, placing a mobile goal under the opposing alliance's platform at the very beginning of the Driver period and the mobile goal is still present during last 30 second of safe period, even though opposing alliance had many opportunities to remove the mobile goal. Would this be an infraction of SG3 and result in a DQ for the alliance?

Answered by committee

Edit 2021-12-07: The v2.2 Game Manual update included the following revision to rule <SG3>, which we believe answers this question more thoroughly than the original answer. We recommend reviewing the full text of <SG3>, including the “red box” clarifications, for more information.

Point “d” applies to Robot actions prior to the last thirty (30) seconds of the Match:

d. Placing a Scoring Object on or under the opposing Alliance’s Platform, at any point during the Match is considered a minor violation of this rule that, at a minimum, will result in a warning.

i. If the placement is accidental, and immediately rectified (i.e. the Scoring Object is immediately removed), then this violation will be considered a warning.

ii. If the placement is intentional and / or not immediately rectified, as judged by the Head Referee, then it will be considered a violation.

iii. Repeated, strategic, and / or egregious warnings may also escalate to a violation, at the Head Referee’s discretion.


Violations of this rule which do interfere with gameplay will result in a Disqualification, regardless of whether the interference was Match Affecting or not.

Note: If point “d” has escalated from a warning into a violation, then it will automatically be considered a violation which has interfered with gameplay, i.e. will result in a Disqualification.