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Upright Mobile Goals Not Counted As Scored in Alliance Home Zone

Nathan Rossi (Event Partner)

In version 0.1 of the game manual, row 3 on page 17 of the scoring section defines when a Mobile Goal is considered scored in an Alliance Home Zone:

A Mobile Goal is considered Scored in an Alliance Home Zone if, at the end of the Match, any part of the Mobile Goal Base is contacting the Alliance Home Zone.

The Mobile Goal Base is defined as:

The 7-sided yellow, blue, or red plastic bottom portion of a Mobile Goal with a maximal diameter of 13” (330.2mm).

Figure 15 matches this definition, as the only portion highlighted in green is the colored plastic portion and not the bottom metallic portion.


Under the current definition of a Mobile Goal Base, is an upright mobile goal in contact with the Alliance Home Zone not considered scored as the colored plastic bottom portion is not in contact with the Alliance Home Zone? This appears to be counter to the intent of the scoring section as there are multiple diagrams showing upright Mobile Goals considered Scored.

Answered by committee

Thank you for pointing this out. The definition of Mobile Goal Base has been revised in version 0.2 of the Game Manual as follows:

The 7-sided plastic bottom of a Mobile Goal with a maximal diameter of 13” (330.2mm). Rings may be Scored in the “bowl” of a Mobile Goal Base for points. Both the yellow, blue, or red "upper" portion, and the black "lower" portion, are considered parts of the Mobile Goal Base. See Figure 15.